Which are the top 10 space research agencies in the world?

 Which are the top 10 space research agency in the world? (Top 10 Research Agencies in the World) Almost every country in this world wants to know the depths of space, wants to understand. But which countries have been able to do so? Or maybe? Which countries have such a space research center that found life on Mars? What is the rank of ISRO in the ranking of the world’s space research centers? If these questions have ever come in your mind, then you are in the right place and we will also know which are the top ten space research centers in the world? Let’s know about them:

10. International Space Science Institute is built in Switzerland. This institute is a non-profit organization which is supported by the European Space Agency. This institute was established in the year 1995. Since then it is running successfully till date and continues to remain in top ten agencies. The main purpose of this institute is Planetary Science Cosmos Fauji Solar System Research and Science. To go to space and to understand space, this agency has also invested new techniques from time to time.

9. International Space University is a non-profit university. It was established in the same year in 1987. The world’s best aerospace training is given in the ICU. There are teachers, space agency leaders, such notes and space engineers who teach here. Although it is not a space agency but still it is in this list because students from here have gone to many space agencies where they have done a great job. The French government’s space agency CNDS is also a top research agency. Although she could not make it to this list, but a lot is being expected from her in the coming years.

8. The Space Studies Institute is a non-profit space institute in California. The main objective of this institute is to make all types of energy available in space available to human beings. When the space agency was established in the 19th century, it had done a lot of work on this side. This institute has made a great contribution to the mechanism of transport. These include low cost space access to propulsion systems. They want to reduce the cost of going to space so that research researchers in space can work harder.

7. SpaceX is the world’s first private space research company. It was founded by Elon Musk. Despite being founded in 2002, the company’s success has started to go away now where the rest of the space agency runs after satellites. At the same time, there is no satellite in the secondary goals of Space X. The main prop of SpaceX is to reduce the cost of going to space. SpaceX founder Elon Musk is constantly working hard on his Mars mission. His company’s goal is that by 2024 or before, they can send a person to the bars.

6. China stands by CNN to the China National Space Administration that the space agency develops the space program for China. This space agency was established in 1938. The Sequence Satellite Launch Center is the primary space port of China. The second agency spends 1.3 billion US dollars on its experiments a year. To date, eight Chinese people have gone to space for different space programs from this agency. FBI 2011 and FBI 2013 are major projects of this agency.

5. ISRO is the India Space Research Agency. ISRO’s annual budget for the Indian Space Research Organization is US$860 million. ISRO was established in 1974. ISRO’s motto is Space Technology Indra Service and Human Kind means that we will work hard in space for the development of humans. In 2014, ISRO surprised the whole world by sending a spacecraft into the orbit of Mars for just 75 million US dollars. Friends, you will be surprised to know that this mission of ISRO was one of the cheapest space mission in the world but it was completely successful. ISRO has carried out many other missions. It includes Chandrayaan 1 and Chandrayaan 2. After Chandrayaan 2, there is a lot of chance of increasing the ranking of ISRO in the world.

4. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is the Japan National Space Agency. The agency made it to the top 4 which shows how hard they have worked over the years. The annual budget in place is US$2.6 billion. The man moto of this agency is to search for life in space.

3. The European Space Agency is an inter-government agency. It was established together in 19 and 75 by 20 countries of Europe. In this, it employs a record more than 2 thousand people in January and its budget is estimated to be more than 5 billion US dollars. The major purpose of this agency is to explore the Moon and find life on other planets, then Arif does it to Russia and Western.

2. Also called Ross Cosmos in short for Russian Federal Space Agency. As the name suggests, it is a Russian space organization. Its annual budget is US$5.6 billion. Some of the successful missions of this agency include Retweet Moon Present Venus. GLONASS was also one of his missions in which he simultaneously launched 24 Sterlites. Recently, it is working on Jhansi Phobos and Luna where Phobos 1 is the Mars mission. There is the Luna 1 Moon mission.

1. No other space agency has been able to become better than NASA. According to a bank, when a survey was done among people in different countries, it was found that NASA is the only immediate space agency about which people are aware. NASA was established in the 19th century. NASA’s most famous space research programs to date include the Sky Lab Space Shuttle and the Apollo missions. NASA is currently exploring the body of the Solar System. NASA has made great strides in the last few years. Along with space, NASA is also working for more and 100 systems research is the major in it, then 200 it is our total space research agencies.

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