What is Proxy Server and How it Works

What is Proxy Server and How it Works :- You all must know about Server. Server is a computer in which all the information on the Internet is stored. Whatever information we search from a web browser, then that information reaches our device from a similar server. Even today we are going to tell about one such server which is completely different from other servers. Often you must have seen that many websites are blocked in many schools, colleges or offices and there are many websites which are not even allowed to be accessed in some countries.

So in such a situation, many people are not able to access these blocked websites due to less knowledge of the Internet. But there are some Internet users who know how to access any locked website and they do this work very easily. Actually all this game belongs to a special server, with the help of which we and you can get information from any kind of website. The name of this server is Proxy Server, about which we are going to tell you in this article today.

What is Proxy Server?

Proxy Server is like a bridge between us and the Internet, which connects the user with the world of the Internet. A proxy server is a computer that acts as a gateway between the client and the Internet. The word Proxy means to submit to someone else or to act on behalf of someone else. Proxy Server sends requests to the Internet on behalf of the client and sends information to the client.

For your information, let us tell you that a specific Internet Protocol address ie IP address exists for every computer on the Internet. You can understand the IP address in this way as if there is an address of your house where the letter of your name or any package is delivered to your address. In the same way, the IP address is used to transmit data from the Internet to your device. Because of this IP address, the location of your device can also be known from the Internet. Many people use Proxy Server to hide the IP address of their computer.

When you use your browser to search the Internet, you will be directly connected to the website you are visiting. But Proxy Servers communicate with websites using other IP addresses on your behalf and transmit information to you, which hides the IP address of your device. This means that we can view the website on our computer system or other device, but the system connecting to the server of the website is something else which is called Proxy Server. With the help of this server, we can access any website through Proxy Server instead of directly accessing it from our computer.

How Proxy Server Works?

Proxy Server acts as a medium between the user and the server of the website. When the user needs any information, he searches any webpage and site on the web browser. This request of the user reaches the server of the websites through the proxy server and then the server of the website sends the content or file to the proxy server based on the request from the proxy. Then information is sent from the proxy server to the user’s device. That is, whenever the user sends a request, it does not go to the server of the websites, but before going to the server, it goes to the proxy server and then that request goes from the proxy server to the main web server. In this way, instead of sending data to the client, the web server first sends the data to the proxy server. If put in simple words, the user is getting the data from the Internet in an indirect way.

Now this question must be coming in your mind that if the user can access the data directly from the website, then why is Proxy Server being used here? Actually Proxy Server is used to open blocking websites. Along with this, Proxy Server also provides security related facilities to the user. Usually, the job of a proxy server is to display the information you have asked for, keeping your identity confidential. So let us explain it to you in a little detail.

As we told you earlier in the article that all the computers connected to the Internet have their own unique IP address, through which the Internet can know which computer is located at which location so that the correct data is delivered to the right computer. Could. Server is also a type of computer which has its own unique IP address.

So whenever the user needs any information from the Internet, for that your device first sends a request to the Proxy Server and the Proxy Server sends the user’s request to the destination server where that information store resides. There is no direct communication between the user’s computer and the server, so the server cannot know the user’s IP address. This hides the identity of the user’s system. In this way Proxy Server provides the facility of security.

What is the role of proxy server in opening blocked website?

Some websites are blocked in any country or in any government organization. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to see that block website by opening it in your system. But if you try to open the block website using Proxy Server, then you will be able to easily see their contacts. When you open a block website through a proxy server, your IP address is hidden on the Internet and instead an IP address is shown on which those websites are not blocked.

In this way you are able to open the block website from your device. If you want to open a block website, then you have to go to your browser and type Free Proxy Server List and you will get thousands of such websites from where you will get the list of Free Proxy Servers. By selecting one of them Proxy Server and opening it, the URL of the block website will go to the search box and your searched website will open as soon as you press enter.

What are the benefits of Proxy Server?

The first advantage is that Proxy Server is used for caching. This means that when a user accesses any information through a proxy server, the server saves that information so that when another user accesses the same information, the server will pass that information to the user from within its own app. gives. Another advantage of this is that the speed of accessing information increases.

Proxy Server hides the IP address. With this, the identity of the user is also hidden from the Internet. If you access a website directly from your computer, then your IP address and some other details reach the web server. But with the help of Proxy, whatever system information goes to the Internet, it belongs to the Proxy Server, so that both the user’s identity and the network are protected and it also does not pose a risk of hackers who steal your system’s information.

A locked website can also be opened by Proxy Server and any website can also be blocked on the request of the user. If the user does not want to use any website, then he can block it through Proxy Server. Like there are some parents who do not want their children to see or learn anything wrong on the Internet. That is why they use Proxy Server to block the website.

There is always a risk of hacking its servers and data theft for any organization. In this case, Proxy Server provides security to a great extent. Any organization can encrypt the communication between the client and the server with the help of proxy server so that no third party can read the data. Hackers can access your proxy server, but they have to face trouble in reaching your real server where all the data is stored.

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