Top 10 Visa Free Countries for India, Indians do not need Visa to visit these 10 countries


Top 10 Visa Free Countries for India – Today we are going to talk about top ten such countries where Indians do not need visa and you can roam anywhere in these countries without visa. However, you have to keep in mind that you should have any government card as well as the currency of that country.

1. Nepal

Nepal is very close to India. There is no problem in coming and going for Indians in this country. Nepal is a country where Indians can not only roam but also work without a visa. You can live here but you must have ID proof like Aadhar card, Voter ID card etc. This has been possible due to good relations between India and Nepal. Due to Indo Nepal Treaty for Peace and Friendship in 1950, peace prevails in both the countries till date and these countries are best friends of each other. So Indians can easily go to Nepal and they do not need a visa. From the holy Pashupatinath temple there are beautiful valleys, which many Indians visit every year to see. The value of Indian Rupee is also higher as compared to Nepalese currency. So if you are thinking of going out next time then Nepal is the best place.


Mauritius is considered to be the most beautiful country among the countries of Asia. Millions of tourists come here every year, here you can also enjoy beautiful water falls, nature, blue water. Also, if you like water sports, then Mauritius is the right place for you. Do you know that Indians do not need a visa to visit this beautiful country? Mauritius has good relations with India and this is the reason why you can go to Mauritius only with passport. Permission will be given on your passport for 60 days upon arrival in Mauritius. The only condition for staying in this country is that you must have a return ticket to come back to India. Not only for roaming but you can also visit Mauritius on a business trip for 60 days.


Bhutan is the nearest country to India and it is connected to Sikkim from one side. The good news is that even here you do not need a visa and can travel around Bhutan comfortably. But first of all you should also know what you need to go to Bhutan. You should carry with you passport, identity proof, which can be any certificate issued by the Indian government. Like Voter ID can be Aadhar card. Also, you cannot run Indian 500 and 2000 notes in Bhutan, so you have to spend money in Bhutanese currency only. Bhutan is famous for the eastern parts of the Himalayan country as well as for its Buddhist monasteries.


There would probably be very few people who would have heard about Haiti. Yes, Haiti is a Caribbean country located near the Dominican Republic. It is like an island with water around it and hence it is very beautiful to see. You will be surprised to know that even though it is not an Asian country, Indians do not need a visa here. After reaching the airport, all you have to do is give your passport there and pay a fee of $ 10. Just after that you can roam anywhere in Haiti. Due to not much difference in the currencies of the two countries, you will not spend much in this country.

If you love the sea, dolphins, dancing, high mountains, then Jamaica is the perfect place for you. Like Haiti, Jamaica is also a Caribbean country and its music is very famous all over the world. The best thing is that Indian tourists can easily roam here without a visa. Actually, Indians do not need a visa to stay and visit Jamaica for 30 days. But you will need a passport. The officers there will stamp the passport at the airport. After that your passport will work as a visa and you can live in Jamaica very easily. But you have to pay a little attention to go here because it is not so safe like other countries.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is an island located near the country of Venezuela. This country is famous all over the world for organizing carnivals. Along with this, if you are an animal bird lover then you must definitely go to this place. Indians are allowed to visit this country without a visa, for about 90 days. You just need to have a passport whose validity is more than six months. Along with this, you should also have a return ticket, only then you can enter this country without a visa. The special thing is that this rule applies not only to tourists but also to people going for work.

7. Ecuador

Ecuador is a small country in South America and is known all over the world for the Galapagos Islands. Even a part of Amazon forest also comes within this country. Now when we are talking about Amazon jungle, then you must have come to know that what you can go here to see. Rare creatures will be seen here and you can also visit Amazon. The good news for Indians is that you can stay in Ecuador for 90 days without a visa. All you have to do is carry your passport. Keep in mind that the validity of your passport should be more than 6 months.


Like Haiti, hardly anyone has heard the name of Micronesia. But do you know that this country is situated in the Pacific Ocean and there are about four hundred islands here. The view of this place is very beautiful and is a different world in itself. Tourists keep coming and going here and this is a very clean country. People from India are allowed here without a visa, for about 30 days. Just once you have to show your passport whether there is an early expiry date. Here too, the government has made a rule that the passport should be valid for more than six months.


Serbia is a country located in the Europe Peninsula where Indians do not require a visa. You can see Roman architecture in this country. This is a historical place and you will also find many old monuments here. This is probably the only country in Europe in which Indians do not need a visa. You can stay here comfortably for 30 days without a visa.

10 Indonesia

Every year Indians go to Indonesia as tourists. This country is very close to India and you can travel to a good place at low cost. Volcanoes in Indonesia, animals and even their music are famous all over the world. It is a country full of natural beauty. This is the reason that the number of tourists is also high here. This country welcomes Indians specially because you can stay here for 30 days without a visa and the count starts from the day you reach the airport.

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