Tips To Become a Topper In 2022


How to become a topper? What are the things required to become a topper? First of all, let us tell that toppers are neither made separately in the above factory nor do they drip from the sky. They are also born here, around us, our neighborhood, our locality, our city, just like us on this earth….In this way you can also become a topper. So you need to understand and adopt those things which make toppers toppers. If you also want that tomorrow is yours and you should be honored in front of your parents on some special occasions of school or college, then read this article carefully.

Friends, the first and foremost thing that you have to remember not only in student life but in your whole life is that you become what you think. So first of all stop considering yourself as an average student because you will become what you believe in yourself because in your intelligence and your efficiency your all conscious mind plays a huge role but there are many students who can do really well A wrong notion settles in their mind or it is set that you will not be able to. And because of this misconception, they start estimating themselves even less than their own abilities and you have to break this misconception and tell yourself that everything will happen from me and every day convince yourself that you are the topper. And you have to maintain this position.

Feel yourself carrying the trophy on your school/college sons. Seeing the tears of happiness that you are honored on the stage of school or college, there will be a slight spill in the eyes of your parents. Convince yourself that you love to study, you are very interested in every subject but you want to know everything written in every book and do this practice for the next 30 days after waking up in the morning and sleeping at night. First, keep doing it consistently and honestly. But believe that with this practice, positive thinking and the desire to read will automatically increase and the mind will also start feeling in studies.

To become a topper with practice, it is necessary to have discipline. Because to become a topper with the desire to read only positive thinking, it is necessary to become qualified on merit, it is necessary to set some rules for oneself and follow them, for which self-discipline means discipline. Which is the key to success in student life, in which by controlling yourself, you can top every exam of life. It is definitely difficult to live a disciplined life, but the pain of discipline can save you from the pain of regret and despair. But the secret of the success of most of the successful people of the world is their discipline life.

There is no use in just making new time tables if you cannot follow the style fixed in a table. Time tables do not work until you do not give time with discipline and perseverance on the time written in the time table. There is no use in setting an alarm to wake up at five in the morning, if you wake up at 6 o’clock. Will not play pubg from tomorrow, will stay away from instagram, tik-tok and other social media. There is no use in saying this if you cannot remove it from your mobile from today onwards. There is no point in resolving to study for ten to twelve hours every day if you cannot leave your mobile for hours.

There is one rule that you follow with great discipline and that is the rule of a break every thirty to forty minutes during the study. But in this five minute break, when you pick up the mobile for five minutes, then how come this five minute mobile of yours is consumed for five to 15, 25 and 50 minutes and blows up your timetable and then you think That doesn’t matter, only study from tomorrow but tomorrow never comes because you are not disciplined. You will never be able to become a topper like this.

There is so much power in continuous practice that even a foolish and illiterate person can become wise. To become a topper, you need consistency with discipline. There is power in continuous effort, constant practice that even a foolish person can become a great poet Kalidas from foolish Kalidas by composing 40 great texts by becoming knowledgeable. Do not forget that the water droplets falling on the stone have the power to make holes in the stone also. Believe in yourself with regular consistency and discipline, keep doing your studies sincerely with a positive attitude, then you will not be forced to follow the rules of others. There is not a huge difference between the toppers and your abilities. If there is a difference then the desire for discipline, consistency and self-confidence.

Friends, apart from all these things, what is it that is necessary for a topper, please tell us through the comment .

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