Most Dangerous Jobs in The World

 Friends ! Every person in the world does some work or the other, that’s why we stay alive. Some people get the job of their choice in life, while some people have to kill their mind and be happy in the work they get. So dear viewers, in this article we are going to tell you about the 10 most dangerous things in the world and you will meet those real life danger players.

10. Sanitation workers – At 9 in the morning a person picks up the garbage from the road. What do you say when you see the garbage that takes our homes? Look, the garbage man has come, but my brother, sometimes take the time to think that who is the garbage man, the garbage man is actually mango and he is the cleaner. The life and job of these sanitation workers are also fraught with many dangers. To be surrounded by garbage every moment and in our country even there are no adequate arrangements for their safety. To keep the drains clean, they put their lives at risk by getting into it. Sometimes you think that which of them can be deadly diseases, their body can come in the grip of infection at any time and also the first victim of a new deadly disease. Often these become cleaners only.

9. Fire Fighters – Now how is it to do the work that starts at the time of danger and whether the firefighters are either not feeling well when there is a fire. Being a firefighter is not a child’s play. You have to be ready to fight the tough situation at all times. Danger of burning with fire all around. No one can tell when a burning building collapses and you get buried under its rubble. A firefighter also has to climb the tall buildings reached and perform an impossible task like a superhero. Hey now how can all this be without risk value.

8. Electrical Workers – To do electrical work simply means to be ready to face danger. This has to be done every step of the way. Don’t know when you will get a shock of 440 volts. One mistake and your whole body will get scorched by the electric shock. You already know how high the electric poles and wires are. These electricians get safety equipment, but staying safe depends on their luck. Friends, most of us get electrocuted just by connecting a small wire in the house, then imagine here how many such wires and electricity they have to face every moment.

7. Line traders Line tables are the people who train the lions. Now that training may be given to work in the circus or for safety. But think about it. How dangerous does it feel to train a lion, nor even knowing that that lion can attack them fatally at any time. But you are only one blow away from your death. By the way, not only those who train lions, but people who train other animals are equally courageous.

6. Lumber Jack – Lumber Jack means the person who does the work of cutting trees. Friends, the world is changing very fast, now most people do not cut trees with an ax, but they have very sharp electric saws. The saws make work easier, they make it equally dangerous. Just one mistake and the tree saw will cut your hand. Such heavy pieces of heavy wood can fall on the head at any time and its result will be only death. Apart from this, the fine particles of wood that fly around while cutting trees can badly affect the eyes and breath of those people.

5. Stuntman – Seeing one to one amazing stunts in movies, often only one thing comes out of our mouth, Wow what is the matter. But in the midst of these great stunts, we always forget the hard work and dedication of the stuntman. Ever wondered how they entertain us by risking their lives. Do not know how many students have to lose their lives during these stunts. Do not know how many stuntmen become victims of such injuries from which they can never recover. Now if this work would have been easy, if we hadn’t had a bit in our race, then next time if you watch any action scene then don’t forget to praise the hard work of these stuntmen. At least that’s what they deserve.

4. Rescue and Search – Rescue job means search and rescue team. From dense forests to high icy mountains and rivers and seas showing their fierce flow, whether common man or someone special. It does not matter how the accident happened and what is the danger, their job is to get people out of this danger and save them safely. You will note that the floods in Kashmir and Uttarakhand, our army had saved thousands of lives by doing search and rescue work at that time. People often get trapped in snowy areas and their lives remain in danger. But these search and rescue people do not shy away from risking their lives to save the lives of those people.

3. Land Mine Removal – We understand the meaning of land mine. Those bombs that are planted in the ground and explode when a person or vehicle passes over them. We call them land mines, such bonds are often used by terrorists and Naxalites. You must have heard that our brave soldiers lose their lives by falling prey to such landmines. At the same time, land mine removers work to remove land mines.

2. Chemical and Gas Factory Workers – We all know the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, during this time about five lakh people were affected by this painful accident. Now you yourself can understand how dangerous it can be to work in chemical and gas factories. Like poison flows in the air here. Despite every arrangement of security, the safety of the people is not guaranteed. These factories contain such chemicals which can affect every part of the human body in some way or the other. Due to these chemicals, many times a huge fire also occurs, so man, there is a danger for these people everywhere.

1. Miners – Working in mines is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. You must have heard the news of accidents in mines from every corner of the world every day. People who do this work put their lives on the line for work. Not only this, they also remain at risk of many diseases. Dust is the only dust all around which can spoil their lungs. Sometimes these mines can also leak deadly radioactive gases. It can snatch the lives of the people working here. How many times do mines explode and mines collapse and the people inside them die inside. Due to heavy rains the mines also get filled with water but still they have to continue their work.

So friends, these were the 10 most dangerous in the world. Well, not every task is easy. Every work brings with it many challenges and life is all about facing these challenges. How did you like this information, let us know through the comment.

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