How To Make A Gaming Youtube Channel In 2022.



 To start a gaming channel, first of all you need to have a YouTube channel, how will you make it and you can create it on your Gmail. You can customize your YouTube channel well and you will get many results on YouTube, how to create and custom ice your YouTube channel, in this I will tell you how you can get started!

As soon as you customize your gaming run by creating your YouTube channel, what will you have to do immediately after that if you have knowledge about gaming and you can starting gaming.

So you must keep in mind that we have good knowledge about the game, not only then you will be able to tell people and people will also see and listen to you, first of all you have to choose on whom you want to make a video and for what reason. Is!

And on which game to make, you should know it very well, if you do not know, then first search Google about it on YouTube and then put a video about it on YouTube and try to differentiate it from the people who has told about him.

Tell something different by not telling that so that people follow you and also give a lot of love, then you have to do the same work on YouTube if you want to be a good YouTuber.


How to make a career in Gaming in EXAMPLE 2021 if you take up this topic! So you should know as much as possible about it and how you can tell it in your video, you should also know it very well if you do not know yourself!

So how will you be able to tell people and then if you give them wrong information then they will not watch your video and your youtube channel will not run well, like this you can also make videos for your gaming channel more and more and then MONITIES later You can earn money too.


Gaming setup You don’t need any setup to open youtube channel you just need to have an android phone in which you can play your game and you can record you should be far enough away from this you can set up your gaming setup You can complete it and start youtube on!

Because if you are a blogger then you may need good cameras if you want to start walking wheat.


So it is enough for you to have just an android phone and a good internet, you don’t need anything else, with these two things you can start your gaming, in 2021 if you have more money then you can take a good computer You can do editing in it and can also take some good gadgets but it is possible to do all this with mobile. And you will be able to do it very easily too!


What to do after Making a YouTube channel?

After creating a YouTube channel, all you have to do is put videos on YouTube and put unique videos that have never been made on YouTube and have given people the right information!


 Then your work is nothing, then whatever your fans and subscribers will do, just you should put videos on YouTube and work diligently and one day you will become on YouTube as well.


How to get views on YouTube videos This topic is a very asked question, so what you have to do, first of all, make a video on that topic which has not been made a video till date and make a different video, do not copy anyone, then only your YouTube Video what it is!
 Will bring good views, do not take some wrong steps in a hurry and work comfortably on the video only then you are good. You will go because in the beginning no one knows you and later on when you get more followers!
How to earn money by creating gaming youtube channel?





Yes, now you can earn a lot of money, but for that you have to complete 4000 hours a lot of time on YouTube and you have to complete 1000 SUBSCRIBE, then only your channel is monetized.
And ads start coming in your video and then you get paid, it is not that easy, people take a lot of time. To complete this because this 4000 hours of watch time is very big.
It is hard but not impossible one day you will get success.


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