How To Make A Game Without Any Coding Knowledge In 2022

 How to make Android mobile game? Today in this post we will get information that how to make a basic game? If you want to create mobile game. So for that I will tell about some such platform online from where you will know how to make games? And together we will make an Android game here step by step which will be a case study for you and you can then make it for yourself keeping the same process in mind.

It is not easy to make a game app for any platform. Because for this there should be good knowledge about creative idea, planning and coding. To make a big game like PUBG, a team of more than 100 people coding for years, then the game is ready. But in today’s world of internet anything is possible.

Today there are many such integrated platform online, from which you can create games without writing code. Today we are going to get information about one such platform and it helps all those who want to know how to make games through Hindi medium. With the help of which one can easily make a game by himself. Today, through the software website I am going to tell you, you can make any game such as Computer Game, Android Game or iOS Game. So let’s see how to make a game game?

This is the best time to learn how to make Android or iOS games. Here I have told about mobile game development without coding. From where you can make a good game like PUBG, GTA5 for yourself by using some internet tools and publish it on Google Play store.

We have such a question from many people that how to make an Android Game, who want to know that we do not know coding but we want to try making an Android game of our own. This is a very right way to connect yourself with any technology, you should start with the basic first and when you feel that you are interested in gaming. So how to make a game like PUBG? How to make fantasy game? Start researching and working on this time.

Quick App Ninja: Online Free Game Maker

Quick App Ninja is Free Game Maker Platform. Where Anyone Can Create Their Own Game. It also has a Website, an Android App and an iOS App. If you want, you can make a game on your computer or mobile anywhere. The biggest advantage of making a game on Quick App Ninja is that you do not have to do coding anywhere.

Just select Design and Game Level will be your Game Automatic Create. This is not an advanced tool for game development. But if you want to know how to make a game? Then this is best for you. Because you can understand well all the concepts of making a game from here. Like how to set game level, how to make path.

If you want to make game from phone then you have to download Android as Quick App is an Android purchase of Ninja and it cannot be used for free. That’s why I am telling you about making a game on the computer from its website. You can develop four types of games from Quick App Ninja Website. Graphics, Adventure, Classic & Arcade Game.

To make a game, you will have to follow some steps, after that you can go to the Game Development Dashboard and create a game and share it.

Creating Android Games Without Coding: (Step By Step Guide)

Step 1. First of all you go to the website of Quick App Ninja and click on Signup. You can register here by entering Name, Password & Email. (Creating an account here is absolutely free and we are assuming that you have a Gmail account and you know how to use the Internet)

Step 2. Login to the account by clicking on Login and now you are ready. To make your own game, you will have just a few steps and a game. (Automatic login is done when account is created)

Step 3. Now you will see a help button written in the front with the help of create new game, you can click on it. As you can see in the image below.

Step 4. The game has its own types and here in the next step you are being asked what kind of Android game you want to make. In this you get the option of Guess the picture, Tiles and 4 Pics 1 Word. Click on the category you like.

Step 5. We have selected Tiles from above gaming category. To select the game here, you have to click on the button named Use this template and then you will go to the next step.

Step 6. In this case study, we are learning to make Tiles game, so you also go with this option and in this step you have to upload 1 image.

Step 7. With each image you have to add a question which is hidden behind each of the tiles. Here we have added the first question, see the second level and start adding questions like the first one. You have to repeat this level till all the tiles are not filled and you have to add image and question for each level.

Step 8. When you have added all the levels, which is to add at least 50 levels, then the process of creating your game is completed and a button of Generate Game appears in front of you in a popup. You click on it.

Step 9. Now the game we have made is ready, if you want, you can go to the account and play it. This company provides the service of publishing on the Play Store. In such a situation, if you want to publish the game on the Google Play Store, then you can put it on the Play Store by paying some money.

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