How to earn money from youtube (without uploading videos) 2022

 How to earn money from YouTube:

 In today’s time, the trend of internet has increased a lot and now YouTube has replaced TV. On YouTube, you get all kinds of videos from entertainment to education. Today’s young generation prefers YouTube more than TV and this is the reason why YouTube is one of the most used websites and apps in the world.

But YouTube is not only a means of entertainment, but many people are also getting employment through it. YouTube is a great medium to earn money. If you have the power in your work, then you can earn not only thousands but also lakhs of rupees from YouTube. But how? In today’s post, we will tell you that ‘How to earn money from YouTube’ (Youtube se Paise Kaise Kamaye). So let’s start guide

IMPORTANT: Friends, today we have added 2 completely new ways to earn money from Youtube in this post; 1. How to make money from YouTube without uploading videos, and 2. How to earn money by doing affiliate marketing on YouTube. Read this post completely and read carefully because you will not find such information anywhere else.

First of all know about YouTube –

What is youtube

In this way, you do not need to tell much about YouTube, but still let me tell you as a basic detail that YouTube is an online video streaming website that most of you would be using through an application. You get many types of content on videos such as technical information, entertainment, news etc.

YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world. Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day and millions of people watch them.

On YouTube, we get many types of content, whether it is related to entertainment or education or health etc. YouTube not only provides us with free videos but also gives us the opportunity to earn money. Yes, everyone, if you want, you can earn money from Youtube sitting at home.

YouTube was started almost 14 years ago today on 14 February 2005 and today it is used in all countries except a few countries. YouTube offers people to upload videos and view, rate, share, add to Favorites, Report, Comment and subscribe channel for uploading videos. Because of YouTube, today we can learn anything sitting at home. According to one figure, more than 5 Billion videos are watched daily on YouTube.

So by this you must have come to know about the power of YouTube. So let’s now know about ‘How to earn money from YouTube’ –

Important Things you should have to earn money from youtube in 2022.

• Internet Connection
• Gmail ID
• Smartphone Or Computer

How to earn money from youtube (without uploading videos) 2022

Let’s earn money online from youtube. You must have a smartphone or a computer to run YouTube and the Internet is also fast for YouTube online services. You need Gmail because you have to create a channel on YouTube to earn money from YouTube and for this Gmail (Google Mail Service) is necessary.

How to earn money from youtube 

Many of you must already know about earning money from YouTube. But most of the people will remember only one way to earn money from YouTube which is to earn money through Ads. This method is very easy. In this we have to upload videos and then approve Adsense on them. We get money according to our views. But it sometimes takes a lot of time to get Adsense approved and if your views are less then you are not able to earn good earning from Adsense. Today we are going to tell you about 2 new ways to earn from YouTube.

There are many ways to earn money from YouTube. But most of the people are aware of the same method that YouTube itself provides ie Ads, but if you depend only on YouTube Ads then maybe you will not get as much as your hard work. If your channel gets views from big countries like USA, then you can get good income, but in India, the money you get from YouTube Ads is also very less.

But apart from some YouTube Ads, there are some ways through which you can earn money through YouTube. We are going to tell you about 2 such new methods, let us know:

1. Earn Money Without Uploading Videos:

Perhaps many people will be a little surprised to read this title but it is absolutely true. There are many ways to earn money from YouTube, but in all of them, it is mandatory for you to create a channel on YouTube and upload videos and then views should also come on the videos. But if you want, you can earn money from YouTube without any hard work and without making videos. For this you have to become a Mediator. That is, a middle link!

Actually all of you must be aware that many YouTubers make sponsored videos or they promote any app or company etc. in their videos. If you watch big YouTube videos, then they will also get information about any app or any company in some video and you will be asked to use it. The method may be different but overall those people ask you to use that app or the product of that company.

In a way, those people are promoting that company in some way in their videos. But those YouTubers do not do this work for free. To tell about any application or company or product in their videos, they charge a lot of money from companies. If a YouTuber has less subscribers then he is thousands and if someone else has more then he charges lakhs of rupees. This is a great way to earn money from YouTube but you have to make videos for it. But here we are talking about earning money without uploading YouTube videos.

Your work will also be related to sponsorship. To earn money without uploading videos, you just have to be a link between the sponsorship company and YouTube and print thousands of commissions. For this, you just have to do some hard work in the beginning.

1.For this, first you have to make a list of some YouTubers whose Subscriber is about 20 to 50 thousand.

2.You can also keep YouTubers with more Subscribers in the list, but YouTubers with more Subscribers have more knowledge and their

3.If there is no shortage of Earning Methods nearby, then the chances of getting profit from them are less. Therefore, make a list of Channels with Average Subscribers and contact them.

4.To contact YouTubers, you can get information about their email etc. or social media accounts from the description given below their videos and this can help in contacting them.

5.You tell them that you can sponsor them on a regular basis and ask their price and try to get it done as little as possible.

6.After this, you contact those companies who want to give sponsorship. Finding such companies will not be too difficult.

7.You will find many such videos which are sponsored. You will get an idea of ​​the companies from these videos.

8.You can contact them from their website.

9.You put an offer in front of the companies that you can promote their product on many YouTube Channels and give information about those YouTube Channels to the company.

10.Try to keep the best offer in front of the company so that the company agrees quickly and tries to take maximum money from the company.

11.The company will give you money to promote and you can sponsor those YouTube channels and give them their decided amount.

In this way you can earn a good special profit in between. Even if your connection is made with 10 to 15 YouTubers who have 20 to 50 thousand Subscribers, even then you can easily earn at least 30 to 40 thousand a month.

2. Earn Money by Creating Affiliate Marketing Videos

Affiliate marketing is one such way in which you can earn many times more money than Ads. You don’t even have to work very hard for this. All you have to do is create an account of Affiliate Marketing on a company like Amazon Affiliates etc., on which you can get a good commission on selling the product. According to me Amazon Affiliates will be the best. If you want, you can also create an account on more than one platform.

Now make you a YouTube channel.

On this YouTube channel, you can put only such videos in which there are things related to the product that you want to sell such as Reviews, Facts, Benefits etc.

You should always motivate people to buy that product and put the link of that product in your description and mention in the video that you can buy it from the link given in the description.

Even if thousands of people watch your video and even 5 of them buy the product, you still get a great benefit.

Suppose you made a video on a product which is worth 10 thousand rupees and you are going to get a commission of 12 percent i.e. 1200 rupees from the price of that product.

Now if thousand people watch that video and 5 also buy that product from your link, even then you get a profit of 6000 rupees in just 1000 views from one video. You never get so much benefit from Ads. In the beginning, you put videos on those products about which search is more but videos are less. This will allow your videos to reach more people.

We also learned about how to earn money from YouTube without uploading videos here and also learned how to earn thousands of rupees in working views by making affiliate marketing videos. For the first method, we do not need a YouTube channel, but for the second method, we will need a YouTube channel, so let us now learn how to create a YouTube channel and what is the right way to create a YouTube channel;

YouTube Channel Kaise Banaye? how to make youtube channel

Creating a YouTube channel is very easy, just for this you have to complete some simple steps. All you need is a Gmail ID, mobile or computer and internet connection to create a YouTube channel. After this you can easily create a YouTube channel, but how? Let’s know.

1. First of all you have to go to YouTube’s website and after that login with your Gmail ID. It would be better that you use Chrome Browser for this.

2. First of all, let me tell you that if you have created an account on Google Plus, then you already have a YouTube Channel, you can edit it only through Google+ Account. But if you want to create a new channel, then after singing in you go to the homepage of

3. Now click on your Profile Picture shown on the top side. After this, click on the Creator Studio icon you see.

4. Now click on the option of Create a New Channel.

5. Now click on the option of Use a Business or Other Name.

6,. Now you will be asked for name, category etc. Enter these and click Done.

7. Now your channel has been created. You can edit it like change its profile, change description and change cover image.

How to upload video on YouTube channel?

After creating a YouTube channel and editing it properly, the first thing you do is to put a video on it, because money can be earned only by putting videos on the YouTube channel. Putting videos on your channel is very easy, you just have to follow the steps given below.

1. First of all you have to go to and login. It will be better if you do this on Chrome.

2. After this, you have to click on the Upload icon appearing on the top.

3. Now a big upload icon will appear in front of you. After clicking on it, you will reach your files. Now you have to select the video which you want to upload.

4. Now you have to edit the name, description and tags of the video. Apart from this, you also have to set a thumbnail which you will know by the name of video image.

5. Apart from this, there are all the options which you can fill if you want, such as category etc.

6. After this simply click on the button of Publish visible above. Now your video has been uploaded on your channel and now people can watch it.

Which videos should I put and which should not to earn money from YouTube?

Like every platform, YouTube is also a platform where you have to work hard to earn money. If you want to earn money from YouTube, then you have to agree that you will have to work hard in it. Although you can put any video on YouTube, but not every video remains on it for a long time. Because if something bad happens in your video or if the video is copied then the video is removed.

Apart from this, you cannot monetize every type of video. For example, if you edit the song by making MashUp etc., then YouTube will not give you money in such a way. Some time ago the craze of Whatsapp Status was very high on YouTube, in which people used to make status through songs and pictures and earn money through it, but now YouTube has stopped paying money on these things.

All you have to know is that YouTube watches you. If you try to cheat with her then she will not give you money and if you work hard, then if not today then tomorrow you can earn good money through YouTube.

Which videos get good views?

Friends, if you want to earn money from YouTube, then you should know how much money you will get from which section. You have to choose on which subject you want to put the video. You can put a video on any subject, but you will be successful in the same category on which you will be interested and you will never get tired of working on it.

Now if we talk about Views, then most of the views come only on Creative Works like Songs etc. In today’s time, if you watch videos with Top 10 Views, then all those songs are there but they take a lot of budget and they do not know as much money through YouTube only. Now if we look further, after this, most of the views come in the news section, in which we are attracted towards the video, towards any information, mostly such content is abusing and YouTube gives less money through monetization on it. Through them, you can earn less money even through methods like Affiliate Marketing.

The field after this is that of Tech and Comedy, Views are also good in both these fields and the most important thing is that you will get a lot of money in them because if you make quality videos and people have something unique in your video. If you get content, then YouTube also likes you. In this way, you get good money from YouTube and the main thing is that if you have good Subscribers in these sections, you also get lots of sponsors, etc. Offers, through which you can earn more money than Monetization.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel?

Now let’s talk about Youtube Channel ko Monetize Kaise kare? A few months ago from today, you can monetize YouTube channel only after the turn of making, but slowly the abuse grew and the hard worker started earning as much as the one who worked without hard earned. For this reason YouTube stricted the cook rules. Now if you want to earn money then you have to work hard.

YouTube recently made a rule, under which you can monetize YouTube channel only when you have completed one thousand Subscribers and 4000 Hours of Watch Time in your first year. Only after this you will be able to turn on Monetization on your channel.

How to Apply YouTube Channel Monetization?

As soon as you complete your qualifications in YouTube Channel, you can easily do Monetization On. Through this, you will start getting money from YouTube Adsense according to the views. For this you have to follow some simple steps:

1. First of all go to and after logging-in, after selecting your channel, you go to its Creator Studio and go to Settings.

2. Here you will get the option of Monetization.

3. If you have completed your qualifications then you will easily be able to do Monetization On from here

Congress, you have monetized your YouTube channel and now you can start earning money.

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