How Students can Earn Money With their Study



The students who study in the university know and must have felt how big it is to study in a university. He believes that these few years of college will be one of the best years of his life. These years of life seem even better when you have your money to spend.


In today’s article, we will tell that how you can earn money in your student life only, then stay with us till the end. So let’s know how you can earn money along with studies. There will be many students who want to earn some money without spoiling their studies so that they can bear their expenses and do not have to ask for pocket money from home. Keeping this in mind, whatever tips we will tell you today, in that way you can earn money without compromising your studies.


Give reviews of apps and websites

There are many websites that pay for reviews of apps and websites. A website called user testing gives 10 dollars for 20 minutes. You can also earn money in this way in your free time. Apart from this, there are many other websites from where you can earn money by reviewing the app.


Managing Social Media for Small Business

Today the reach of social media is from village to village. Every small business also wants to increase its income through social media, but businessman does not have enough time to be active on social media. Can reply to all comments. In such a situation, you can contact small businessmen of your local area and do things like writing posts on Facebook and Instagram, replying to comments for them. In return, you can ask for a small commission, which will be enough for your college life.


Participate in online survey

Participating in online surveys has become a good way for students to earn money in their spare time. Research companies keep looking for new people who test the products and give survey answers. All this is done online, so that students do not have to go anywhere and their study time is also saved. In these surveys, you are given reward points or cash. One such online survey website is Swagbucks. Apart from this, the getpaidto site also gives you cash or rewards for online surveys.


Work with natural talent

It is said that every person has some talent and if not, then any of your hobbies can be used as talent. With this, one you enjoy in that work and secondly you also earn income. For example, some of you may have interest in cooking, some may be interested in singing, some may be interested in playing the guitar, or some may like to teach tuition to children. Now with these hobbies you can see some part time work for yourself, in which you hardly have to give two to four hours. Friends, student life is a thing to explore. You should do all the work in which you are interested. There should not be any hesitation or shame at all in learning or doing any new work.

Use Internet

Do you know that you can earn money by making videos or writing blogs too? Today many people are earning a lot of money by creating their own channel on YouTube. You start getting money from YouTube when you clear all its criteria, like a few thousand views and subscriptions. It is not necessary that you start a channel related to your education. You can start diy channel, cooking channel or any kind. Along with this, you can also start your own blog in which you get money through Google Adsense.


Build your App

If you are a student of computer science or have a good understanding of programming, then making an app can be a very good source of income. You can build apps for clients, or you can build and sell different types of apps. If you have this skill then later you can also do this work full time and can also become financially independent.


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