Even after hanging three times, a person named John survived, how?

Friends ! When a criminal is sentenced to death, he is sure to die. At the same time, even before the date of his death comes, his breathing starts getting faster. In such a situation, all kinds of thoughts come in the mind of the criminal except the hope of his survival, but when no one dies even after being sentenced to death not once but thrice, then it is a surprising thing in itself. Exactly the same thing happened with a man named John Lee and how did it happen? To know this, you have to read the entire article with us. What can be said about the one whom even the law cannot kill. Because John Lee was such a person where the British law also failed to kill him and how did it happen?

To understand this, you have to first understand how the death penalty was given in earlier times. Let us tell you that in earlier times, things were done to punish humans, from burning them to cutting their body parts, but as time progressed, a little mercy started to be given to punish the person. After that, the methods were tried gradually, from strangling the human to death to making him fall from a height. Such a method was called the standard drop, and after many similar methods, a new method was invested in 1872 for the death penalty. Where the culprit has to be hanged from a rope and made to stand above a door and as soon as the door below is opened, that person will hang straight, due to which he will die due to strangulation.

This method is tried till date, where even in our India, if someone has to be punished legally, then people are given death using this method. In such a situation, friends, on November 15, 1884, in a small village in England, John was arrested for the murder of a woman. Although John Lee was telling himself innocent from the beginning, but some such evidence was found from him which proved that he had committed the murder.

First of all, the woman who was murdered was a woman from a very rich family, with many servants working here and John Lee was also one of them. However, later John left the job there and joined the Navy. But after being arrested on the charge of theft, he was also expelled from there and then when John came back from jail, he again started working with the same woman whose earlier he used to work. Hiring John back from his place was the biggest mistake of that woman’s life because one day suddenly that woman died, after which no one else but only John Lee was found on the occasion. Arrest was also made.

When he was taken to the police station for investigation, he got a cut in his hands which was giving clear evidence of his conviction. On the one hand, the police did not find any evidence against anyone except him, while on the other hand John was repeatedly telling about his innocence.  But now it is obvious that apart from these, there was no one on the occasion, but the cut marks on their hands were also indicating that there is something black in the lentils and the British police did not spend much of their brains and time on John. Considering himself guilty, started the case in the court. Where the court also considered them guilty and John Lee was sentenced to death.

Even after all this, John kept saying again and again that I have not done anything wrong and if there is a god anywhere in this world then he will definitely come to save me because I have full faith in God and he knows that I am innocent . Friends, 23 February 1885, this was the day when John was to be hanged, then various things were going on in John’s mind, but he would hardly have thought that even this execution of the law could not harm him. Just before hanging John, everything was thoroughly checked whether everything was working properly or not. And then by hanging a rope around John’s neck, his mouth was completely covered, after which as soon as the executive opened the door below by pressing the handle with his hands, the door did not open. After which he repeatedly tried to open the door by moving the handle up and down but that day the door did not open.

After this the date of their hanging was kept for the next day. When John was brought again for punishment on the second day, the door did not open even that day and the matter of this happening three times in a row went to the court where everything was investigated that how it was happening because a The person’s escape from the death penalty thrice had never happened in the history till date. And for this reason, this case went to the High Authority where the investigation of this thing started that how can the death sentence be stopped three times. When a thorough investigation was done, it was found that the door was completely blocked due to a piece of iron, hence it was not opening.

Friends, whatever you say, John’s words came true where he had already said that if he did not do anything, he could not be punished and perhaps because of this when the court came to know that John was not one but three. – Has escaped the death penalty three times. So the judge understood perfectly well that whenever John was taken to the sentencing, he would have died every moment, thinking that the judge would die now and that there was so much for his punishment. It is the right decision to leave the person who has defeated death thrice. For this reason John Lee was released, but no one knows anything about where John went after his release from prison.

Many people say that John had left his family and shifted to London, while some people also say that he had left England. After which the news of his death came in 1945 and death dodge John Lee, who could not even kill the punishment of law three times, had died at the age of 80.

Friends, this was the story of a person who has really registered his name in the pages of history. Yes, even though it was shameful for the British authority that the same person escaped from the death penalty three times, but if seen, this story tells us that no one can kill you until your death is written. . Even if it is a law.

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