Disadvantages of video games? Side Effects of Video Games


 What are the disadvantages of playing video games? What is the effect of video games on health? Let me tell you:

The world of video games is very different from ours. There is a lot of adventure from action to adventure here. When video games came, no one thought that they were going to rule our world like this, but they did that time was something else. Now the condition and market of video games have changed. Games have dominated the minds of people. You must have also heard from the mouths of many people that you should not play video games. But have you ever wondered why you shouldn’t play video games? If not then you will surely get answers to all your questions:

10. You forget the reality – why not go on some kind of trip or go mountain hiking or just hang out with friends. Video gamers always seem to avoid these activities. This is because they like the virtual world inside the game i.e. virtual reality more. Where on one hand the friendship of people lasts for years. Video gamers do not have many friends in real life and they remain cut off from the real world and the events happening in it. In reality, the real meaning of living life is to learn, understand or do something new, whereas in the virtual world of video games, no such work can be done or learned.

9. Destruction – The life of video gamers is not much different from that of drug addicts. Reading a book, collecting an important bill, writing an article, cleaning the room or making something new do not come in the party of gamers. For them, the most important thing is to cross one level of the game and reach the next stage. In the life of all gamers, there are many such unfinished tasks that they want to complete but they can never do so because all their time is spent in playing the game and even if they take some time out, then even that work is done. They are not able to finish because their body is tired due to playing games till 3 o’clock in the night.

8. Not getting time – The time spent to play a video game and the time spent in an important relationship are both directly related to each other. Friends, it seems to me that people who keep playing video games day and night are either not in a serious relationship or their partner is also a video gamer like them. Friends, it should also be noted that gamers are not so social. So there is less chance of them being in a relationship. Despite this, if he has a partner, then due to not getting quality time, he himself gets separated.

7. Game price – Video gamers have to pay a lot to play newly launched video games and hardware ie gaming console or computer as soon as possible. Gamers spend all their money on buying games. A video game mercury In a year, thousands of rupees are spent on buying new games and different accessories. Their addiction to games is such that even if they have to borrow money to buy all this, they do not hesitate to ask for money.

6. Addiction – Using something excessively and not being able to stay away from it is an addiction or addiction, the person who has been playing video games for a long time must have felt the addiction. Children or adults, they want to go home and play video games first. Apart from this, they spend all their remaining time and money in creating gaming magazines and playing online games or collecting information about newly released games. But when they are not doing all this, but still their mind is engaged in the same game and they do not want to think about anything else.

5. Loneliness – Video games nowadays are not limited to a particular place or country, but through online gaming, people from different countries play one game together at a time. Video games by their very nature isolate gamers from the outside world. People who spend most of their time in front of games in childhood often lag behind in developing social skills and due to which they have to face difficulty in talking openly to anyone. They do not have any good friends and this situation leads to their loneliness or depression.

4. Sensitive – Friends, today we live in a world where there are fights even for the smallest things. Wherever you go, but these incidents of violence and nuisance do not leave you behind. One reason for this is also that in video games, you get the freedom to do any kind of beating or violence. We often learn from what we see. In the virtual world of video games, there is no place for laws or sensibilities. This is the reason that seeing all this, we are becoming equally insensitive in this real world which does not care at all about the feelings or circumstances of the people in front.

3. Anger – In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association in the year 2015, it was told that due to playing video games filled with violence, anger, aggressive emotions and fighting instincts increase in the person and due to this compassion compassion Lack of feelings of love etc. I have a direct connection. According to this survey, people who play more video games find it very difficult to control their anger and because of this, their chances of becoming aggressive increase. It will help a lot.

2. Waste of time – While playing video games, it is not known when the few minutes in front of the screen turn into hours and the use of time does not seem to be of any use. This is the time when they can read their favorite book. You can develop a new hobby or explore new places. The time that gamers spend in front of video games, if they spend the same time in improving their personality, then very soon they will be able to learn something new and better.

1.- Increase in obesity – Yes friends, the biggest and direct loss of playing video games for a long time is weight gain. People should keep themselves active. By doing this, the calories taken by them keep burning. Due to playing video games, gamers forget to play real games such as cricket, hockey, tennis, kabaddi, wrestling, by playing which their body remains good and active. As you all know obesity also brings with it many diseases. Therefore, people playing games sitting in front of the screen for a long time are more likely to get sick and it also has a bad effect on their eyesight. Our world is full of outdoor games so all we would ask you is to go outside and play as much as possible. With this, you will be fit only by playing the game. Tell us what you think about this by commenting. Thank you .

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