Best Tips For A Job Interview In 2022


 How to prepare for interview? This question always comes in the mind of many of us. This article is for those young people who are probably giving their first job interview or for those youth who are already ready in the adopted job but thinking to switch to another job. In this we will tell how you can easily pass your job interview. (How to prepare for job interview?)

Rules of Job Interview :

There are some fundamental rules for job interview, which tell you in detail about what you should follow. So let’s talk about the secrets that can help you crack the job interview. We will tell you about seven simple rules that will increase your chances of getting the job. If you are going to apply for the job, then do these 7 things:

1. Where does the mistake happen? Where do we miss people? Did all the preparation, made everything in a proper way, but somewhere a mistake is made. So the first thing that is related to your resume ie. The first mistake is that people do not update their resume. Once you make a resume and keep sending it everywhere. It is a big issue that the resume is not updated. Its formatting is a bit bad so it is not easy to read. This is a big reason why people are unable to crack their interview. So first of all you should keep your resume updated.

2. Only two-three percent people update their resume according to the job. Like you are applying for a job and you have done some other work in the past. You have given the details of that work in the resume and nothing has been written about the work for which you are applying. Like many people apply for sales job but no sales experience is written in resume. Even if they have experience, it is not written. It is very important that the job for which you are applying should modify the resume of that job a little bit. Include only those things in your resume that you think are important to the recruiter. Do not enter anything which is of no importance to the recruiter.

3. You must remember your resume. It should not happen that your recruiter asks you any question about the resume and you do not know anything. It is very important that you read your resume thoroughly. You must memorize all the lines. Therefore, never make the resume of four-five pages but in one or two pages.

4. First impression is the last impression As the saying goes, when you talk to your recruiter for the first time, whether on the phone, or face-to-face, you have to make a first impression. Smile and talk to your recruiter. Talk with your eyes closed and never steal your eyes. If you steal your eyes, it seems that you are hiding something, you do not have confidence. Always talk with your eyes closed. Practice talking with your eyes. No matter what you are talking about, do not look around or look down. Your confidence should be visible as you enter the room. You should have confidence in walking, you should have confidence in walking. Do not bow down in the interview.

5. Many people forget to carry the basic things in the interview. So you take your profile i.e. your CV and your certificates in a neat and clean folder. Carry a pen and notebook with you. Meaning if the recruiter asks you to ask a question and you ask him for a pen, nothing can be worse than that. So you must bring your own notebook, your own PAN and your own profile folder to the interview. This shows that you have come with preparation.

6. Always wear clean clothes in the interview. Clean clothes should not mean expensive clothes but washed clothes and presses. If possible, wear a shirt, formal trousers and formal shoes. If you have a suit, you can also wear a suit. Suit is not so much important as clean and washed clothes and well-pressed clothes. Your shoes should also be very clean.

7. Also take care of the beard in the interview. Either go after shaving and if you have a beard then your beard should be maintained. Even if you keep some or long talk, then it should be maintained.

8. It has been seen many times that many people get so depressed for the interview that even if they do not know the answer to any question, even then they try to answer by twisting something. This makes the manager feel that this guy will always be roaming around. So always be honest. If something doesn’t work for you and you didn’t, then clearly tell that I don’t know, but at the same time say that sir I am always ready to learn. I can learn this work anytime. I guarantee you this. That is, say yes to the one who comes and say yes to the one who does not come, say clearly that he does not come.

9. The last point is that when the interview is over, many times the recruiter asks that brother, if you have any question, then tell me. You should always ask a question even if the recruiter doesn’t ask you. Actually, when the person in front asks if there are any questions and when you do not speak, then he feels that maybe you are not interested. If you yourself ask questions by staying ahead, then the person in front feels that he has a lot of interest, this is a very good person. It’s nice to ask questions.

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